In a Red State, we can still influence politics

Hersh, E. (2018, Oct. 30).  In a Deep Blue or Red State? You Can Still Influence Politics.  The New York Times.

An organizer’s handbook:

  • Organize your precinct, your neighborhood, or even the street you live on.  Every precinct is competitive and worth organizing! If Democrats in Massachusetts were better organized they could have defeated Scott Brown.
  • Fighting for local issues like stopping a Walmart Marketplace from taking over a park and greenway will always be needed and having an organized precinct can help with battles like those.

How to Organize a Precinct:

  • Get a list of voters in your precinct from the local election office
  • Find a couple of people on that list to join your committee
  • Start talking to neighbors and find out what issues concern them the most
  • While you meet your neighbors, you may come across someone who needs help and you know just the way to help that person (accessing meals on wheels or getting information about the senior center, or joining a fitness group).

We participate in politics to help others.  We help one another by getting power to advance public policy that serves the common interest.