What if Everyone Voted?

Badger, E. (2018, Oct. 30). What if Everyone Voted? The New York Times

What if everyone voted?  We would have more of a democracy instead of one-party rule. We would no longer have red or blue states, our states would be purple because everyone is engaged.  Politicians would have to persuade voters from both sides of the aisle and we would have less ideological discussions and more discussions about real issues that affect our lives everyday.

This is article is about ways blue states have increased voter registration efforts while red states have made it more difficult to vote.  We know that in some states a person can register to vote right before they cast a ballot and in other states like Tennessee, the day to register has long passed.

“If everyone voted, Clinton would be President right now.”  

Mitch McConnell calls non-voters “political couch-potatoes,” and therefore he does not try to earn their support.  Young people still are not voting at levels we need them to vote and many politicians will not try to cater to their needs since they do not vote.  Young people may not even know what they want to vote for or what issues are on the top for them.  We need to keep trying to reach every voter and give every voter a reason to vote.