Pleasant Ridge/Merchant


After speaking with the Director of the Inskip-Norwood Recreation Center, he said there is a need to find evening and weekend programming for the recreation center.  So, I am currently looking for community groups that would like to hold some classes for the community.  Examples of classes can include: cooking, fly fishing, ESL, technology, etc.

I am also looking for an organization or group to have programs for youth and teenagers.  We could have events like a Parent’s Night Out for young people.

We could have book clubs and potluck meals at the center.

The Inskip Recreation Center is also a home to our local dynamic movement program.  The center hosts several athletic activities for children and adults with special needs.  I encourage you to volunteer with the activities if you can.

Some residents along Pleasant Ridge have requested a sidewalk to connect them to Victor Ashe Park.  This is coming with various road widening and improvement projects.  I would like to help communities become more mobile using modes of transportation other than a vehicle!

As I meet more community leaders and residents in your area, I will add more to this page.  In the meantime, please feel free to leave comments or send me an email.

From my perspective, it seems as though you have plenty of choice for shopping in your area.  I will make sure that your wages are competitive and that you are making a living wage.  I will also make sure that everyone has access to affordable healthcare.

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