I am running for your House Representative in District 89 because:

1. I want to give voters a choice on the ballot.

2. I believe that Safe Schools = Sensible Gun Control laws so we need to ban assault rifle and high capacity magazine sales in Tennessee. No Mass Shootings in Tennessee!

3. I believe we need to provide Affordable Healthcare to all citizen of Tennessee by expanding Medicaid and running our own insurance marketplace.

4. I believe we need to provide more money for public education to raise starting teacher salaries to $40,000, raise the minimum salary for education support professionals to $28,000, fund STEM education including upgrading existing technology and increasing available technology, provide universal pre-K, and expand TN Promise so 4 years of college is free.

5. I believe we need to fight the opioid epidemic in a number of ways: prescribe less opioids, use alternate pain management techniques, increase treatment centers, and provide Harm Reduction strategies and centers.

6. I believe we need to enact legislation for a minimum wage in Tennessee and make sure it is higher than the federal government’s wage of $7.25/hr.  We also need to make sure we have graduates for our jobs and jobs for our graduates!

7. I believe we are all equal and I will not support discriminatory legislation or politicians who support discriminating against others.

8. I believe District 89 can become a “Green District for a Green World.” We can add more sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways, traffic calming, and mixed-use developments to promote modes of transportation that do not involve a car.

I am prepared to face the challenges that await me.

I hope you will join me so together we can make a difference and leave this world a little better for those who come after us.