Hardin Valley

Hardin Valley

The growth is Hardin Valley is astounding and seems to be growing rapidly without much planning.  Traffic is snarled during school drop-off and pick-up times.  Escape routes need to be acquired and constructed.  The Academy is already at capacity with more housing still being built in the area.  This area is in need of some serious development planning.

My opinion is that HV would be greatly helped by becoming a town.  That way, the town can require developers to install sidewalks and greenways for every development.  We can plan for road expansions and growth and have some kind of overall vision for the area rather than just using available land to build more houses.  Therefore, I need your help to elect me as your next State Representative so we can work towards changing Growth Plan Policy enforcement regulations.

Some thoughts/ideas for Hardin Valley based on my observations and on some opinions of residents.  As I speak with more voters, this list will expand and improve!

  • Do something about the traffic on Hardin Valley Road.
  • Consider expanding Sam Lee Road as an option to get to HV Schools.
  • Find land for ballfields (This topic is being discussed within Knox County Parks and Recreation and Melton Hill Lake Park is an option).
  • Library for Hardin Valley
  • Create a sidewalk and bike lane between Pellissippi Parkway and Ball Camp.
  • Create a bike lane throughout Hardin Valley
  • Facilitate growth but maintain residential feel
  • More commercial options around the schools
  • Sidewalks on Hickory
  • More Parks

At the May County Commission meeting (May 21 and 29 at 5pm) there will be discussions about the:
Hardin Valley Area Study to discuss multi-modal transportation (bike lanes, sidewalks, roads, etc) and a Sidewalk Master Plan.

There is a plan in place for Pellissippi Parkway and that it will eventually become “total access controlled.” Meaning the only way to access the parkway will be from on and off ramps.

Greenway Master Plan: I have learned some exciting news that Parks and Rec are in the planning phases of creating a 22 mile greenway starting at Melton Hill Lake Park, following Beaver Creek and ending in Halls!  Please contact me if you would like to help with this project!

My job as your representative would be to advocate for what you want to happen in your neighborhood and for what you don’t want to happen in your neighborhood.  I would also help to find state grants to fund projects that you feel are appropriate for your community.

Please feel free to comment on this page or send an email about how you feel about Hardin Valley and what type of growth you would like to see there.

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