Endorsed by Conservation Action PAC

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.49.45 AM
“The Conservation Action PAC’s board is impressed by my impressive history of commitment to sound environmental and conservation policies as a citizen. They believe I possess an obvious commitment to protecting Tennessee’s water, air and land! They know I will be an excellent Representative and that I will continue to create a responsible record on issues impacting the environment.” (excerpt from endorsement letter)
As with all of my endorsements, I remain humble and proud to represent organizations that share the same values as I do.  My family and I hiked to Mt. LeConte (Great Smoky Mts.) on October 8th.  While the hike was long and strenuous, it was also beautiful and relaxing.  On Mt. LeConte, many of the adult pine trees are dead.  This is due to a pine beetle that was introduced in the forest in the 1960’s.  My worry is that with climate change and one political party’s resistance to it and its damaging effects, will there be anything to hike to when my children take their children on the same hike?

Managing climate change, using renewable resources, cutting down on single-use plastics among thousands of other things we can do will greatly help our race against climate change.  Let’s make sure we are voting for candidates who vow to protect Mother Earth!


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