Democrats need to win elections

I do not support Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and I believe Dr. Ford’s testimony.  However, Democrats have lost the last two national elections and the Republicans have earned the right to confirm judicial posts.  I do not agree with the Senate when they did not confirm Judge Merrick Garland but the Republicans were in control of the Senate at the time and that is their prerogative.  I wish Senator Feinstein would have suggested to Dr. Ford that she should file a police report in Maryland instead of a he said she said hearing.  Then the crime would have been investigated which is what the Democrats and Dr. Ford asked for.  Maryland does not have a statute of limitations for this particular crime.

Listen up Democrats, whenever we get upset and want to send angry emails, write angry social media posts, march, and protest; please instead go out into your community and register people to vote.  After this election is over, please work with your state and local communities to develop publicly financed voter information packets that every single adult resident will receive in the mail with information on the candidates in their upcoming election.  Please work with your state and local officials on voter registration drives.  Please help your communities institute same-day voter registration and automatic voter registration.  Try to institute non-partisan and majority-win voting where numerous candidates compete for 9 openings to represent their communities instead of Gerrymandered districts that are set up for every other party to fail except the Republican party.

The Democratic party will continue to lose if we don’t wake up and start getting more people engaged and voting.  We need to find ways to help people care and assure them that their voice counts.  Voter turnout in Tennessee is the lowest in the Nation.  Voter turnout in the United States is the lowest around the world.  We do not have a democracy when we do not have full participation.  We have to find common ground. We have to vote for people over party.  We have to vote.

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