Guns don’t kill people but bullets do….

California is leading the charge with not only regulating weapons but also regulating ammunition.  “Internet sales are limited, large capacity magazines are banned, sellers need a license, taxes have been raised on bullets, and bullets are required to have serial numbers on them.”  In the rest of the country, ammunition sales remain largely unregulated.

California keeps records of people who have purchased bullets and those records are used to help find criminal suspects.  “The records have lead to the seizure of hundreds of illegal guns and to the arrests of dozens of gang members, parolees, registered sex offenders and others.”  In one year, 200 arrests were made based on information from the bullet logs.

Federal law that prevents someone from owning a weapon also prevents them from buying ammo.  However, there isn’t a system in place to regulate and monitor ammunition purchases.

Next July, California will require background checks for ammunition buyers too.

Read more about this here:
Urbina, I. & Kang, I. (2018, September 10). California tries new tack on gun violence: Ammo Control.  The New York Times.

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