Knox County Teachers’ Endorsement


As a young child, I remember “playing school” at my house or babysitter’s house after school and on weekends.  When my oldest son started kindergarten, he “played school” almost everyday.  His Kindergarten teacher even gave him extra worksheets to take home for his school.  One of my regrets in life is that I didn’t pursue a teaching degree when I was in college.  The advice I give all young adults is to get a degree that will give you enough credits to become a teacher.  I am a lifelong student, learner and teacher.  Although I am not a certified classroom teacher, I still consider myself to be a teacher in other aspects of life.  As a substitute teacher I have only done about 1% of what classroom teachers do.  I truly admire the brave souls who step into classrooms day in and day out and do all they can to reach every single student.  It is my honor to carry the banner for our local teacher’s union.  I will work everyday to improve your quality of life.  Thank you.

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