TN Gubernatorial Candidates talk about TN Ready

Article:Gubernatorial candidates lay out how to fix TN Ready by Jason Gonzales {Published June 25, 2018 in Knoxville News Sentinel}.

Mr. Gonzales, the reporter for this article stated: In 2014 lawmakers pushed the state to leave Partnership for Assessment in College and Career Readiness and the next year the state abandoned Common Core standards.  The state then created its own online tests and standards using Questar and it is called TN Ready.  In 2016 the tests were canceled (and in 2018 school systems were given the option to count the test scores towards final grades so essentially the test failed to work again).

Our state was part of a standardized testing group and now they aren’t.  When the state provided testing on their own, the test was canceled one year and basically canceled this year.  I still can’t find who or what we are comparing our test scores to.  I see teachers worried all the time about meeting curriculum standards that are sometimes impossible to do with huge class sizes, not enough resources and not enough materials.  We have got to revisit standardized testing and curriculum in our state.  Our students are not able to compare with students nationwide and we need to be able to. Whatever it takes to get us to 50% proficient is what we need to work towards.

I will also add that we cannot require the standardized testing to be on computers.  We do not have enough computers in our schools to accommodate that.


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