A man breaks into a car and steals an AR-15……

This happened “recently” (no date given) in Nashville, TN.  A man broke into a bouncer’s car, stole his AR-15 and 90 rounds of ammunition and walked around Nashville with it.  Luckily, Mr. Jenkins (man who stole the weapon of war), did not use the device and surrendered when police approached him.  We all know that story could have had a much different ending.  I speak about gun control and gun safety a lot.  When I say we need to look at every aspect of this situation, I mean it.  We need laws and punishments in place so gun owners understand the consequences of leaving weapons in places where anyone can access them.

TN State Senator Sara Kyle introduced “MaKayla’s Law” that would have created reckless endangerment felony for parents if their child, age 13 or younger uses an improperly stored firearm to kill or injure someone.  This law did not pass.  The NRA lobbied against it.  I agree with this law but why stop at age 13? We don’t need an age limit.  Adults are more likely than a child to steal a gun and pull a trigger.

Some have suggested providing grants or incentives for gun owners to buy storage units for their weapons.  If someone has enough money to buy a gun, they have enough money to buy something to keep it safe.  We do not need to subsidize any type of safety mechanism for gun owners.  Further, the gun manufacturers and the NRA have plenty of money they can use to make guns safer and make sure gun owners use appropriate storage.

I am a Mom and This is My Action! Vote for me on August 2nd.

Reference: Boucher, D. and Tamburin, A. (June 24, 2018). Finding a Weapon and Using it. Knoxville News Sentinel.

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