Pass the PAST Act

In May, I attended the Knox County Schools Gifted and Talented Passion Project Evening. The event was a showcase of the wonderful ideas and experiments that a select group of 5th grade students spent an entire school year working on.  My son presented his passion project at this event.  As I walked around the showcase observing the myriad of projects, I was struck by a particular project about this very video shown above.  I urge you to watch this video in its entirety.  The video was made in 2016 but this abuse still continues today.  If a 5th grade student in Knoxville, TN created a project about this then we have not done our job as a society to end this abuse.  The student wanted increased penalties for trainers that inflict this type of abuse.  I second her motion and told her that if I am elected to the Tennessee House in District 89 then I will create legislation to end this cruelty.

I read an opinion article by Tanya Tucker today, (June 17, 2018; Knoxville News Sentinel) about the PAST Act.  The Act will provide stronger penalties to punish and deter violators, ban the devices used in the soring process, and end the flawed system of self-policing by the walking horse industry.

Please do two things right now:
1. Please sign a petition from the Humane Society asking Congress to pass the PAST Act. Click here for the petition

2. Share this video with everyone you know and urge people to act now.

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