LEAP Forward Endorsement

I am very proud to announce that I have been endorsed by LEAP Forward!

LEAP Forward is an organization that grades politicians on their gun control stances.  The NRA has spent a lot of membership money on grading and shaming politicians who are not 100% pro gun rights.  I am 100% for the Second Amendment and I do not wish to repeal this amendment.  The Second Amendment does not grant gun ownership to every single person in this nation.  And it does not allow for every single gun known to man to be owned by ordinary citizens.

I realize that banning assault rifles and bump stocks are akin to giving everyone affordable healthcare, difficult to accomplish but worth the try in red states.  We should be able to expand background checks for EVERY gun purchase.  Even gun owners I have spoken to want expanded background checks.  In Tennessee we should also be able to require licenses, registrations, and permits to own a firearm as well as raise the minimum age to 21 to purchase and possess a firearm.  At this point, doing something is better than sitting on our hands and doing nothing.  Our children are waiting for us to save them.  We need to vote for candidates that will keep our children safe.

Thank you LEAP Forward for endorsing my campaign!

LEAP Forward-logo-black (3)

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