Open Letter to Voters in West Virginia

Dear Voters in West Virginia,

I was born and raised in West Virginia and spent 18 years in the state.  Please say it isn’t so that Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy Company, who spent 1 year in prison for his role in the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion that killed 29 people in 2010, actually has a chance to win the GOP primary for United States Senate in West Virginia! Mr. Blankenship does not represent the good, hardworking people of West Virginia. He flouted so many mine rules and regulations that he was held responsible for killing 29 miners.  He lives in a $2.4 million villa in Las Vegas.  He doesn’t even live in West Virginia.  Please don’t let this man win his primary and have a chance of representing West Virginia.  You need leaders who will look out for your best interests not someone who ignores rules so much that people die.  You need leaders who will increase funding for public schools and teachers.  You need to bring more jobs and growth to areas. You need leaders who will bring more training for 21st Century jobs and 21st Century businesses into the state.  Mr. Blankenship is not the right leader for you.


Coleen Martinez
Former resident of West Virginia
Candidate for TN House 89

Based on article: Gabriel, T. and Saul, S. (2018, April 25). Don Blankenship, West Virginia candidate, lives near Las Vegas and mulled Chinese citizenship. The New York Times. Retrieved April 26, 2018 from: Click here


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