Former Fulton HS Student dies from Gun Shot

Once again in our community we have been confronted with the loss of a young life due to gun violence.  What is striking is that the young man, Mr. Mekhi Luster, was a friend of Zaevion Dobson.  Mr. Dobson was killed in 2015 at age 15 when he shielded two girls from gunfire in the Lonsdale neighborhood.  Mr. Luster was killed by a single gun shot and left to die in a backyard.  The man arrested for killing Mr. Luster is 18 years old.

I understand that we cannot prevent every tragedy that comes our way but we can try to do something.  The following is legislation we can enact in Tennessee that may prevent another tragedy like this:

  • Require Permits to Purchase and Possess Firearms
  • Require Registration of Firearms
  • Require Owners of Firearms to be Licensed
  • Increase Background Checks for ALL Firearm Purchases
  • Increase the Age of owning a gun to 21.  (The man who killed Mekhi is 18)

We need to start electing leaders in our communities, states, and country who will ignore the NRA and start working to pass GUN CONTROL legislation!  How much is too much? When will Enough Be Enough?

Article: Dorman, T. (2018, April 25). Suspect charged with murder admits to shooting teen in West Knox County. Knoxville News Sentinel. Retrieved from: Click Here


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