Voter Turnout

For Knox County in 2016: 305,106 were registered voters and 60% voted.
The population for Knox County in 2016 was 456,132.  I don’t know how many of those in the population count are eligible voters.

Currently (as of Dec 2017) 249,322 people in Knox County are registered to vote.  We need to register more people to vote and also increase voter turnout.  We also need to find ways to engage voters and help them care about their participation in government. has some interesting information about voting in each state.  28% vote in Tennessee.  We are ranked 50th in voter turnout.

The 4 best ways to Persuade People to Vote are:
1. Leaflet from candidate
2. Info on where and when to vote
3. Personal visit from candidate
4. Email from candidate

There are national organizations working on registering more people to vote.  I support their efforts.  We should make a national push to really change voter registration nationwide but we can start in Tennessee.  Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Make Election Day a Holiday
2. Allow same-day Voter Registration
3. Provide more public funds to inform the public about candidates (such as county wide direct mailers)
4. Automatic Voter Registration with a State-Issued ID

More information about voter registration initiatives:

iVote promotes automatic voter registration.
ProjectVote advocates for more voter participation and registration access.
Nonprofit Vote
Voter Participation
FairVote advocates for ranked-choice voting as a way to move past polarization and gerrymandering. Memphis adopted RCV in 2008 but has not implemented it yet.




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