How to Make America Safe Again

Along with banning assault rifles and bump stocks, and expanding and strengthening background checks for gun purchases; another way to Make America Safe Again is to pressure Congress to repeal The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005.  Essentially, if a loved one gets hurt or killed using tobacco, operating a motor vehicle, using a hammer, or drinking alcohol; a family member can sue those companies.  Guess what? We can’t sue gun manufacturers when someone uses a gun to kill others because “Guns are intended to kill.”  Gun manufacturers have zero incentives to make their products safer or hold gun sellers accountable for stringent background checks before sales.  We need to urge our representatives to repeal this Act so we can have another way to fight back and save ourselves from shootings.

Read the article: Stop Shielding Gun Makers by Brad Kart and Chris Boehning

More information, click here


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