TennCare Work Requirements

TN House just approved a bill to seek a federal waiver for TennCare work requirements.  From my understanding, TennCare is only for people under 21, pregnant women, parents/caretakers of minor children, women who need breast or cervical cancer treatment, people who receive an SSI check, and someone living in a nursing home making less than $2,205 a month.  These requirements for TennCare are already very limited in scope, I can’t imagine there are that many people that fall into these categories that aren’t already working in some form or another.

Will the government help people find affordable daycare? Most schools end around 3pm but most jobs end around 5pm or 6pm.  What if the only job someone can find is in the evening?  Will the state provide high quality daycare for those parents and caregivers?  Will the pregnant women lose their jobs once they have their baby? How long can they stay with their baby before they have to work again?  Should folks in nursing homes start volunteering and working more?  I am not sure they can do that.  Will the women who are receiving treatment for cervical and breast cancer be able to work and volunteer between doctor’s appointments and treatments?

Plus we want folks who are over 65, or blind, or disabled to work now after they have already retired or already determined that working is not their option?

Do we have enough high paying jobs to help these folks come out of retirement or pay for daycare?  We should probably raise the minimum wage while we are at it.


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